ABOUT . . . hello!
I'm Basidia, an illustrator from the Southern US.
I enjoy listening to music, rainy days, and watching youtube videos on horses.
I'm perpetually stuck in 2008-2013, and thoroughly enjoy music, fashion, and design from that time period.
My primary preferred audience for my work is children, their parents, and the young at heart.
I aim my work towards children aged around 8-14, but I hope that my stuff can be enjoyed by any and everyone regardless of age!
I have been drawing and worldbuilding for as long as I can remember, and I still love to roleplay with friends in my spare time!
My strengths are character design, worldbuilding, character development, advertisement development and prepress,and community management.
I have worked extensively with the Adobe family of products, Microsoft Office, and other third party drawing software such as Clip Studio Paint.

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